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Products marked with the BOJANEK logo consist mainly of curtain rods. As the industry leader in window decorations, we offer a wide selection of curtain rods made of metal, plastic and wood. Since we have many years of experience our products are recognisable in the country and abroad. Previous experience and the use of the latest technology allow us to create new trends in the industry, constantly adjusting our products to the needs and tastes of consumers.

Our offer is characterised by a wide range of colour selection and various designs. Depending on the needs, the curtain rod can be a single or a double (triple, in some collections), ceiling or wall , wooden, plastic or metal with rod diameters of 12 mm or 30 mm as well as square profiles. We offer dozens of types of curtain rod endings in various designs (from classic to modern). Some great additions to the window decor are various accessories: decorative buckles, decorative drapery hooks and knobs for draping fabrics, clamps, grommets and much more. In addition to the unique design, our products are characterised by a high quality design and functionality.

Products with the BOJANEK logo guarantee complete satisfaction!